Who are we?

Infinite Monkey Crafts is Ellen and Emma. Or should that be Emma and Ellen?

While we have been good friends for many years, it was in 2015 we both had different challenges which really strengthened our friendship. We have helped and continue to help each other overcome hurdles which come along in all walks of life.

We have both enjoyed drawing, painting and crafting separately over the years, but we found crafting was a great way to concentrate on things other than the daily struggles we were presented with. It was during this time that we started thinking about getting involved in something we were both really passionate about and Emma had this great idea.

So after several months of discussions, late nights, a few adult beverages and some brainstorming around the name, Infinite Monkey Crafts was born.

We started putting what excess energy we had into making beautiful things. We’ve laughed together, cried together, laughed some more and learnt how to create what we think are beautiful fairy doors. Friends and family are very important to us, and they have been amazing through this process too.

Why Infinite Monkey Crafts?

It’s no secret that Ellen is big into stargazing and follows Professor Brian Cox, who was involved in a Radio 2 broadcast entitled The Infinite Monkey Cage. This lead to reading about the theorem that “A monkey typing at a typewriter for an infinite amount of time will recreate the works of William Shakespeare”. Look at the wiki page if you want to read more about it.

The other part of the puzzle was that both Emma and Ellen had lots of great ideas for what crafting they wanted to do. So this lead to the discussions that naming a site around the infinity theme would imply that there really is no limit to what they could do together and anything was possible.

So Infinite Monkey Crafts was named. One purchase of a domain name later and that is what history will remember.

Well almost… There were several late nights discussing the name, that felt right for them. Too many late nights and far too many absolutely appalling named sites. Speak to either Ellen or Emma and they will share some of the names with you. We even thought about using foreign language names, but that soon stopped after we looked up the name for “Craft” in German; look it up for yourself 😉

The only thing left was a logo. This was happening around Xmas 2015, so Ellen’s creatively challenged fella decided that it called for some clandestine emails and Secret Santa. So he got in touch with her twin brother, who lives in New Zealand and just happens to be a graphic designer. Owen was more than happy to create the logo. That Xmas day the coming soon had a logo, which you can see on the site now.